Welcome to the digital realm of a passionate student diving
deep into the currents of Applied Computer Science. While I specialize in Data Engineering & A.I., I'm always trying to follow emerging programming trends.
When I am not behind a keyboard you might catch me swimming, or getting lost in a compelling story in all types of media, from books to tv-shows And recently I have tried picking up surfing.  

my life's compass is set towards exploring the world's beauty in all its magnificence before my time here comes to an end.

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Work Experience

Basic Student Jobs

To many to list
2018 - Present

From the moment I was legally allowed to work I started working a whole variety of jobs. from filling shelves to being a shopclerc or a barista. I tried lot's of things to see what worked best for me. In later years I got more  stable student jobs but u can still catch me working at festivals or odd jobs from time to time.

Warehouse worker and IT helpdesk

Starfruit Company nv
2020 - 2023

I started working here due to the company having a lot of workers that were sick due to Covid.  So I filled in for people's absence's  doing there daily tasks that ranged from checking product quality to managing assembly-line workers. With always some cheeky paperwork in-between. 

I also became the go to person to help out with on-site computer related issues and in later years even helped create some plugins for their own ERP system.


Padelclub paquito  bv
2023- Present

After needing a change of pace I landed a job as a bartender in a padelclub.  After a couple months of working there I got a nice promotion to managing on the days that I work there. 

Here I am also working on a project creating display's on the wall's to manage things like the lighting or view recipes for products they sell. But this is still in it's early stages. 



Stella-Matutinacollege Lede
2014 - 2018

The first 4 years of my  high school studies I followed Economics 

Accounting and Computer Science 

Sint-Jozefinstituut Wetteren
2018 - 2020

I changed high schools wanting something more practical. that still contained enough math that I would not find it boring. I now know that the computer science that I learned was pretty useless.

Bachelor in Applied Computer Science

Hogeschool Gent
2020- present

After trying out the Bachelor of science in computer science at the university of Gent. I figured out that I wanted something more practical so I am now finishing up this degree at the end of the year.


Programming(Java, Python)


Web design


Data Engineering 


Contact Info

Brecht De Schryver
+32 468 23 82 12









As you may have noted, I am passionate about swimming, as it provides a sanctuary for clarity and reflection. This love for the water has also led me to explore surfing, which offers a similar meditative experience. Additionally, I am an avid reader, with a particular fondness for science fiction and fantasy genres. Beyond these interests, I have a deep appreciation for nature and enjoy traveling.